Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scientists and Engineers

I've been described, on occasion, as a computer scientist. This is incorrect: I'm not a scientist, I'm an engineer.

Not only is my degree in Engineering, not Science: I'm an engineer to the core, because I am thrilled by making things that are useful far more than I am about discovering truths about Nature -- the latter is fine, don't get me wrong!, a wonderful pursuit, and indispensable to keep pushing our civilization forwards in the long run, but -- as my own personal pursuit, it doesn't get my heart pulsing faster, make me sit upright, make my eyes shine, anywhere as much as the making of useful things does.

I would say I'm kind of a typical engineer: just like, say, Leonardo da Vinci, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Antoine de Saint-Exupery (he couldn't actually get his engineering degree, but, he tried!), Rowan Atkinson (of "Mr Bean"'s fame), ...

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