Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Review of GEEK CLOCK


While everyone else was watching the clock, you were paying attention during math class, storing away square roots and factorials for a day where you could prove your mathematical prowess. Well, my geeky friend, that day has come. Pictured before you is a clock, where all the numerals have been rep...

Cool way to show off math geekiness!

Alex Palo Alto, CA 7/18/2009


4 5

Gift: Yes

Pros: Attractive Design, Striking original

Best Uses: Living room, Decoration, Kitchen

Describe Yourself: Budget Shopper

Primary use: Personal

I've hanged it up in the living room and just love the way friends and acquaintances do a double take the first time they see it (even if they are serious math geeks themselves). I'm seriously thinking of taking it to the office (or maybe buy another one to keep there -- this one was technically a gift to my wife, an even geekier geek than myself, so I guess I can't just take it to the office;-).


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